Pioneer in the field of Big Data and Data Science over ten years, Appex has become widely renowned for the distribution and integration of solutions with added value. By focusing on innovative technologies exclusively developed in the United-Sates, Appex stands out on the IT Market thanks to the choice of commercialised solutions.

From data virtualization to Machine Learning, Appex supports French and more broadly European companies to reinvent their business model by making Data a pillar of growth and performance.


Making Data the backbone of your business growth

Appex, expert in highly added value big data technologies, is a distributor and integrator of 3 innovative and complementary solutions:

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There is also a training centre recognized by the French State where Appex offers custom-made workshops to support you in the DataRobot, Delphix and IBM Pure Data for Analytics (Netezza) mastery technology.

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What our clients and partners say


The perfectionist

Dominique SANJIVY

CEO, Co-Fondateur 

Dominique, expert reconnu dans le monde des bases de données et des appliances analytiques, co-fonde Appex en 2008. Il prend en charge la stratégie des offres techniques Delphix et Appliances IBM Puredata & Big Data.

The human social network


CEO, Co-Fondateur 

Antoine, co-fondateur d’Appex, assure le développement commercial et stratégique de l’entreprise. Il est spécialisé dans la recherche et l’introduction sur le marché européen de solutions IT innovantes et à forte valeur ajoutée.

International traveller and foodie


Head of Marketing and Communications

In charge of Appex’s Marketing and Communication actions. Pauline elaborates and implements, in coordination with different American partners, Appex’s strategic positioning on the French and European market. 

Le Mac Gyver du Big Data


Expert IT

Expert en solutions appliances, Laurent intervient auprès des entreprises dans une démarche d’accompagnement du changement, de formation en BI et de transfert d’expertise sur l’offre IBM Netezza PureData.

Ramen lover and tech enthusiastic

Stéphane FENIAR

Data Scientist

Passionate about Data Science and automation, Stéphane has joined Appex’ team as Data Scientist. His main mission is to lead Proof of Concepts and perform Data Science workshops using DataRobot.

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Laureilla LAILVAUX 

Business Developer 

 As Business Developer, Laureilla promotes the strategic deployment of Appex in France and Europe and helps connecting Appex with companies wishing to use Big data and Data science as tools for greater growth and performance.

Cigar aficionado and IT enthusiastic


IT strategies Expert 

Strategic advisor specialized in new technologies, Bruno Langlois collaborates with Appex since its beginning and on all the contractual and partnership aspects. Hence, his role is to support the company throughout the development of its economic activity.

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Norbert Rocourt, CPA is the Head of Finance for Appex since 2009. He has brought his experience to several firms for external growth strategies and LBO (Leveraged Buy-out) or OBO (Owner Buy Out).

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Hamid Briki

BI Consultant 
Expert in Business Intelligence, Hamid leads and monitors projects for all the Appex customers using IBM PDA Netezza.


Etienne Rozier

Consultant Delphix