Delphix : Data Virtualization

The Delphix technology offers:

  • A wide flexibility of deployment

As a virtual appliance, Delphix works with any hardware and storage infrastructures.
Customers can use the solution that is already in place and skip delay of supply and dependence towards the suppliers.

  • A technology servicing the Dev-Ops

Delphix is characterized as highly agile allowing it to work with the Dev-Ops application and to run applications faster for IT users and employees.

  • Adaptable and ready for use  

The Virtual Appliance Delphix can be installed anywhere in few minutes to deliver project specific needs. When the project grows, Delphix can evolve vertically as well as horizontally. Delphix is completely compatible with hypervisors models (like VMware vSphere).

  • An ideal solution for the cloud

The advantages of Delphix Virtual Appliance are flexibility, adaptability and ready for use for both private and public cloud adoption. Thanks to Delphix, it is therefore much easier to provide « Data as a Service » in Cloud.