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Chris lynch Appex DataRobot partnership
Posted by:Pauline Charazac, May - 17 - 2018

Chris Lynch, Founding investor and Chairman of DataRobot, sharing his thoughts on the DataRobot & Appex partnership!

“Being the founding investor and Chairman of DataRobot, I can really see how the extensive work done by Appex in France throughout the past 3 years has impacted our position on the AI market.
As DataRobot’s French historical partner, Appex has worked very hard to make DataRobot known and recognized by all as a reference in the Machine Learning industry. Not only is the Appex team very well experienced in Data Science but has integrated several CFDS that have helped to fundamentally change the French AI landscape. As a result, Appex and DataRobot have now the French leading companies in the banking, insurance, and power industries as clients. Thanks to DataRobot, these clients are now able to create and deploy models in a matter of minutes.”

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Pauline Charazac

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